Ian’s Travelblog- Solar Eclipse

21 Mar


I was very excited at the prospect of seeing the Solar Eclipse yesterday. I did think about catching it from a nearby playing field, but felt that going down to the River Mersey and taking a stroll down Pickerings Pasture would be better. It was a good idea, but some racket from a factory made it not as perfect as I’d hoped. Maybe I should have gone further afield, maybe to Hale for peace and quiet, but I know better now!

Tiglet also tagged along, so he provides a bit of commentary on the video. I only caught part of it crossing the footbridge, trying to get away from the noisy places. It only lasted about six minutes, from 9.32 AM to 9.38 AM, though I kept on walking until 9.45!

So, what a morning, though the sun felt hotter later at Mid-day and it rained in the afternoon in Chester, so no sunset, as the 18th and 19th had been pretty spectacular, but nada on Friday night!

So, here’s looking forward to the next one, and finding a more peaceful place to film it!


Happy Eclipse from the Sun Smile gang!






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    The Solar Eclipse of 2015!!


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