15 Mar

It’s a scary story as we imagine A World Without The Doctor in Robot Revolution!

Mr. Tiglet's Blog

robot revolution cover2Following on from the preludes to Inferno and Battlefield, this is a whopper of a revision for a brilliant Fourth Doctor story, The Robots of Death. One of Tom Baker’s best serials and one of my All-time favourites, this was an idea I never got round to developing for the first series of IW, but I got there eventually!

It’s a testimony of the fact that wherever he goes, the Doctor makes a massive difference, even a critical one in some cases. His arrival on the desert world of Kaldoria is one of monumental importance. Simply trying to take him out of the equation had meant watching the story and imagining what would happen IF he had not arrived when he did.

There are a couple of Sherlock references, as it’s The Doctor that plays Holmes to Poul/D84/Leela and Uvanov all taking turns at being Watson.

They would have been…

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