08 Mar

The 180th Post is an Arthurian romance!!

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Here’s a Brief Encounter story I began about 25 years ago, when Doctor Who Magazine was running a short story strand that only lasted a dozen issues or so.

This Episode of Infinite Whoniverses- Burning like Starfire begins an Arthurian sequence of five tales called The Destroyer Wars, which does what it says on the tin- have other creatures besides the one featured in Battlefield.

It always bothered me how easily Sylvester McCoy’s Seventh Doctor resolved the battle- was Morgaine secretly in love with Arthur all along? Yes, a fact supported by the Novelisation, Arthur did something un-gallant that set it all into motion.

It’s simply a tale of unrequited love.

Filling in the background- how the First Battlefield would have looked was easy- She blamed Merlin AKA- The Doctor, but which Doctor???

That’s open to interpretation, at least in my opinion.  There’s a few hints that it could be…

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