13 Feb



So, another Mid-Day job bites the dust. My days of Santa Spotting, First-Aiding and ball-retrieval from the field seem to be over.


It’s with very mixed feelings that I knew it was time to move on, DSCF3181but I bit the bullet, even though part of me would have liked to have stayed, but commuting two hours and rushing around like the Flash racing Superman first thing in the morning isn’t any fun, at least not these days.


There’s a lot I have done- went to a Wedding and been inspired to write a storyline on Infinite Whoniverses based on Rachel and Dave’s trip to Cardiff, Presented Tiglet to some of the kids, hiked three quarters of the Shropshire Union Canal and explored a whole lot more of Chester. Made it through two Christmases (when it was only supposed to be one!) Been inspired to create crafts, even though I’m rubbish at it! (Thank you Sue and the Hetty gang!) I’ve even had some great Show-And-Tell times, and told a few stories, though my version of Mr. Chatterbox has to be seen to be believed!


So there we go, got an interview on Wednesday, Holiday Club and hopefully Wales to look forward to, as well as the TimeRiders and Robots of Death to revise for IW, but for now am going to enjoy a Special Curry and maybe watch Sleepless in Seattle, though I might catch up on Game of Thrones or Caprica, not sure yet.


So, My Last Day in Hoole- very nice, though I’ve yet to open the chocolates the kids presented me with, I’m still getting used to the idea of not having to rush around in the morning and may even get a few reviews written, now that would be something wouldn’t it?!

 Happy Half Term Everybody!!




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