INFINITE WHONIVERSES- Tales of the Timewars

08 Feb

Doing the TimeWar again!! It’s just a jump into the universe on the left!

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INFINITE WHONIVERSES- Tales of the Timewars

Jack Harkness is back baby! In a way no-one, least of all me anticipated.

This Episode of Infinite Whoniverses- Pandoriatrix Unleashed is the first of a new sub-series that takes the Infinite Possibilities concept further than before by focusing solely on Alternate versions of the Timewars, whether there were four, a dozen or whatever, it literally is whatever your imagination can come up with.

IW - Tales of the Timewars cover 4

This episode’s a bit on the vague-side of the Force. There’s hints, little nuggets that may tie into the Main Series, but it’s skewed off on a totally new tangent that’s barely recognisable. I carried on the idea from Triumph of the Daleks that Davros would be obsessed with using Regeneration to restore the Daleks, a plotline that develops further in the next couple of episodes of the Cult of Davros, by the way. He does it here.  The Klade…

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