Merry Christmas!!!

24 Dec


There’s been a disturbance in the Merry Side of the Force recently.  I haven’t really felt it, but maybe the pressures of work, trying to juggle finances and simply get through the month have made me lose my enthusiasm for the period



I don’t know, it’s been great doing the ‘Santa Spotting’ exercise for the Year 1’s in school, but I’ve struggled to be of good cheer, even watching Muppets Christmas Carol hasn’t helped, so might watch Nativity 2 instead, or Home Alone or Jingle all the way might do the trick. It has been a rough year, I must admit. Not getting anywhere with submitting Tiglet’s shows to Broadcasters and Producers, as well as not doing much hiking lately has made this blog lack posts, but there are a few new things to try next year.

Maybe it’s the whole commercialisation stuff, as present buying this time round has just made the last few days drag, I don’t know, can’t seem to make up my mind. Guess I’ll just have to get through it and Like it!!

Anyway, there are things in motion to get things started again for 2015, including the publication of my romantic SF story ‘by the lights of the silvery moons’ a big contrast to Incineration Day in the Epic Anthology, so am looking forward to that anyway!

by the lighs of the silvery moons




So Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, here’s looking forward to getting enthusiastic about 2015!!!



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