Nanowrimo diary 2014

03 Nov

DAY 2/3- An EPIC Excuse to get in the way of doing anything!


I just knew that something would come along and trip me up for NanoWriMo, but even with the best of intentions I wouldn’t find time to write anything. I’ve been thinking about it today, but yesterday finishing off the epic TimeDalek/Alternate Who story for Infinite Whoniverses got in the way, as well as watching The Daleks and several episodes like Mummy/Flatline, the forest one and Dark Water, oh and washing, can’t forget that now can we boys and girls?


Anyway, today, back in School and thinking about Character development and intending to write down stuff,(with the BEST of intentions naturally!) but sidetracked again because of EPIC! The anthology my short story ‘Incineration Day’ is here, in my hot little hands, courtesy of one my friends from Paul’s Chippy, so I have been OVER the Moons of Jupiter and not gotten anything done again, well apart from eat my tea and have a cup of tea anyway!

epic cover

I will have a go tomorrow at some vague point, but having a physical copy of the book (with my name on the cover) has been brilliant. The story itself is the final tale, all six pages of it, all 2,063 words! The photo used for my (very short-eek!) profile was from my hike along New Brighton Prom between two weddings in July. The story itself came about because I wanted to do something a bit Dexter-like, so I hope that comes through in reading it. I think the only place I sent it to before the anthology was Crimewave magazine and is the only complete detective story I’ve completed, well, apart from a Sherlock-spoof, but that needs extensive tweaking before it ever sees the light of day again!


So, there we have it, a list of excuses for not doing Nano. Must try better!


The proceeds from the sale of the EPIC! anthology are going to a charity called The Lili Clare Foundation-

The book is available as an ebook on Amazon and paperback on Createspace-




And it even has its own page on Facebook!


And ONCE AGAIN I’d like to thank Melina Turner and Christy Lynn Foster for including me.

There will be another anthology- Courage! coming in 2015!





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