08 Sep

Infinite Whoniverses coming soon!

Mr. Tiglet's Blog



  In another time, another universe, where Infinite possibilities crystallise into solid reality, there is a Realm where the Daleks have achieved their quest for universal domination and rule that universe with an Iron fist.

This is the story of the Intergalactic Dalek Imperium and the bravery of the Freedom Alliance that stands against their tyranny.

That is one of the many, many possible ideas I may have to follow up and write a story for.

The Doctor has journeyed to many worlds/times and places, often in the Milky Way, but sometimes into far off galaxies and realms.  A few times, very few times, he has visited Other Universes.  Inferno, Day of the Daleks, Battlefield,  The E-Space Trilogy,even Planet of Evil. In The Edge of Destruction, Susan mentions Quinnis in the Fourth Universe, then there is the Parallel Universe Cybermen in the modern series. The novel The…

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Please let me know what you thought of this topic/feature/hike/ramble!

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