The Final Nanunanu- Farewell Mork of Ork

14 Aug

nanunanuEarth calling Orson, Earth calling Orson…..

The death of actor and comedy genius Robin Williams was a shock, especially when it was revealed he had been suffering from Depression. It seems surreal that someone so dedicated to creating joy and mirth wasn’t immune to the feelings of being down, lonely and isolated that can hit you for no reason. Maybe that was a factor, the perception of being The Genie/Mork, of having to put on that persona, especially with all the charitable work he did, I don’t know. It’s just got me thinking that when you are in that dark, dismal hole, anything that can help, no matter how pointless or desperate it may seem.

 creative people 12

There’s a line off Data in Star Trek Nemesis- “I aspire to be better than I am”. But what happens when your aspirations fail? When you pour your hopes and dreams into a place/job/person or whatever and it all falls to dust and ashes? Was that the reason Williams felt so utterly hopeless that he couldn’t see a way out? There’s always a way out, or a way forward, you just have to find it.

I know I’m in danger of spouting some psychobabble, but to me, growing up watching Happy Days/Mork and Mindy and watching brilliant films like Hook/Jumanji/Good Morning Vietnam/Aladdin and Patch Adams, knowing that whatever he was struggling with, if he’d have carried on just one day more, maybe, just maybe he’d have seen a light at the end of the tunnel. I don’t know, there have been a few passing’s lately, so perhaps I’m just having a morbid Mercer moment. I added two more parts to the Creative People.. Poster, 11 being Get Depressed a lot and 12 Rise above it. That’s the hard part, but you never give up, another poster I am fond of.

ANYWAY, Farewell Mork you will be missed, hope Orson sends someone else, ‘cause they are sorely needed.

Nanu Nanu!



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