Memories of August 1914- Giants in Liverpool July 2014 PART 2

01 Aug

ITA- memories of 1914- the girl



The schedule for the event said there was a half-hour gap between the Grandmother arriving and then the Girl and ITA- memories of 1914-Xolo the dogher Dog, but it was more like ten minutes. The crew sitting Gran down in her wheelchair took a bit of time, so I filmed that, though it was obscured by pesky trees and Wellington’s memorial.

Then the other two arrived and I got some good shots of them. Though there seemed a lull as people made their way over to St. Georges Hall, but I didn’t hang around.

On Sunday, I thought I’d be clever and film from over the Wirral side of the Mersey, though that went to hell in a handbasket as the range on my camera wasn’t fantastic and I’d been delayed, so caught a bit of the little fleet of boats as they sailed on the Liverpool side, Doh!



So, that was my take on the Giants Spectacular, not much, but if I had planned Sunday better I would have gotten more, maybe. As it was a nice stroll up the Mersey from Seacombe to New Brighton was filmed instead

The moral of the story would be- plan it like Saturday, instead of improvising on Sunday, so there, now you know!




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