Memories of August 1914- Giants in Liverpool July 2014

31 Jul

ITA- memories of 1914-GranPART 1- WAITING FOR GRAN.


Only making it to one part of the four-day extravaganza of the Memories of August 1914 Giant Spectacular may not sound like much, but Thursday I was working and Friday so needed a rest that Saturday was the best day to make it into Liverpool.

The Giant Spectacular/Memories of 1914 was a creative and unique way of telling the story of the ‘Liverpool Pals’, the volunteers who signed up in August 1914 to fight in the war. Re-enactments were also on, but I never made it to those parts, getting a glimpse of the Giants down at St. Georges Hall was tough enough. I camped out at the Walker Art Gallery and got some great footage, though it was a four hour wait, so I am glad I got there early! You can see on the video how the crowd built up, even a couple of weddings until the Grandmother appeared down Islington and even looked over my way, very spooky!



So, as she sat in her wheelchair, the band playing on, the Little Girl and her Dog Xolo arrived, but that is another tale!








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    The first part of the Giant spectacular!


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