Memories of August 1914- Giants in Liverpool July 2014

31 Jul

The first part of the Giant spectacular!

Iancaimercer's Blog

ITA- memories of 1914-GranPART 1- WAITING FOR GRAN.


Only making it to one part of the four-day extravaganza of the Memories of August 1914 Giant Spectacular may not sound like much, but Thursday I was working and Friday so needed a rest that Saturday was the best day to make it into Liverpool.

The Giant Spectacular/Memories of 1914 was a creative and unique way of telling the story of the ‘Liverpool Pals’, the volunteers who signed up in August 1914 to fight in the war. Re-enactments were also on, but I never made it to those parts, getting a glimpse of the Giants down at St. Georges Hall was tough enough. I camped out at the Walker Art Gallery and got some great footage, though it was a four hour wait, so I am glad I got there early! You can see on the video how the crowd built up, even a…

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