Ian’s Travelblog Adventures- Two Weddings, a Hike and a Trailer

20 Jul
What a busy day!

What a busy day!


Yesterday was an exciting and exceptional day, as I had been invited to two weddings on the same day, one in Chester and the other on the Wirral. What a conundrum to ponder, which one to go to? But I took the third option and went to Rachel and Dave Sims Service in Chester, then up to the Wirral for Dorcas and Pete Swan’s Reception at Leasowe Castle, getting a short walk in via New Brighton. It was a good job I had begun work on the new Trailer for Tiglet, as it was nearly midnight when I got back home!


The Dance!

The Dance!

Having taken most of the day to recover, I’ve been enthused by some of the footage I got, so thought I’d share a couple of things, though I hadn’t taken any pictures in Chester (shame!) But now Puppet Les Mis is in motion for August, it’s a great way to bring the weekend to a close, as well as adding a surprise extra in the Countdown to 500!



puppet les mis poster2

Congratulations to both couples on their Weddings and thanks for inviting me, it’s been another exciting day for Ian’s Travelblog Adventures!!



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