Close Encounters of the Crabby Kind!

28 Jun


watch out for the Pincers!

watch out for the Pincers!

I’ve finally been getting round to updating some of the hikes and travels of the last few months, with a new feature I’ve been meaning to unveil since Easter, but hopefully that’ll be sorted in the next week.

I have been back to the Wirral, hiking up the Wirral Way from Parkgate up to West Kirby Marine Lake. It was a perfect ending to the Midsummer day last Saturday, as I had been to a School Summer Fair, seen and recorded part of the Chester Midsummer Parade (see video) and shot a bit of the River Dee for a new intro video, so I was quite tired by the time I got home!

One thing that made it really special was seeing a bunch of Crabs, not exactly epic, but different, as the only ones I ever seem to find on the beach are dead ones!

King Krabby himself (or herself perhaps??) was brilliant, so here it is, close encounters of the Crabby kind on Midsummer’s day, 21st June 2014!


Now I wonder what they taste like!



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    Crab racing at West Kirby!


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