(Not so Secret) Diary of a Literary Womble- What’s going on in Ian’s Little World?

18 Jun
What's going on in Ian's Little World?

What’s going on in Ian’s Little World?


Don’t you just hate it when someone is so condescending and patronising, so small minded? It’s easy to get upset or angry at such negativity, but you can also shrug it off and laugh.

So what HAS been going on in Ian’s Little World then?? Commuting doing my head in, diversions, roadwork’s and other nonsense, the insanity of family, idiotic bureaucracy, debts, BBC, behind on blog posts, TOTALLY behind on Travel blog updates, as well as re-reading some old ones- did I really spend nine hours walking along the River Mersey and write it up in a six-part series? Seems so long ago (summer 2012, go check it out!) And I still haven’t made a musical or gotten a Commission, or acting work, or done much with the ’40 things to do’ list, well, had neither money nor time to get on with it, suppose it’ll be the Summer before I get the chance to tick a few things off, though Puppetry can be ticked. And then there’s backache to top it off!!!

I guess the main reason I have been fed up and demotivated lately is because I have felt like I’ve been stuck in a rut, that maybe I’ve been going in the wrong direction and nothing’s changed. Even waiting to hear what’s happening with The Keystroke Killer is discouraging.

The Tiglet Show was such a mega-achievement, something I have wanted to do for such a long time that maybe I’m on the downward side, having such a leap in creativity it’s now the flip-side that I’m experiencing. (Oh dear, I’m psycho-analysing myself, must do a review instead.) I have done a script-reading for the Merseyside Script Initiative, as well as racing through the Hunger Games Trilogy, The Mortal Instruments series and going on a School Reunion night out. But I really need to get a Space-Operatic, epic saga sorted pronto!

I’ve said it elsewhere, but Richard Powell’s Atlas of the universe website is still a great source of inspiration, as well as intergalactic settings for stories. Powell says that only 7% of the universe is known. So that’s 93% left to explore.

That’s where you’ll find me, of on a great adventure, ‘cause somewhere out there is Ian’s Little World!!!

Oh, I did finally post The Hobbit yesterday, but really need to sort Travelblogs out-so get ready for the MERSEYWALK saga- Coming Soon!

Nice day



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