04 May

May The Fourth be with you!


As one of the ‘New Hope’ Generation, the 30/40 year olds who watched the Original Trilogy in the late 70’s/early 80’s and saw it on TV every Christmas, Episode Seven will be such a big deal. So, who else is excited?


star-wars-episode-viiJJ Abrams is a total frackin’ genius, not doing a page-one rewrite as he did with Star Trek, but bringing the original cast back together and continuing the story thirty years later is a brilliant move, but how will it tie in with what has gone before?

For those who don’t know- Star Wars: A New Hope kicked off the tale of a small band of Freedom Fighters struggling to restore freedom to the Galaxy, battling an oppressive galactic Totalitarian regime. They won, but what happened next?


The Novels/Comic Books continued the tales for many years, The New Jedi Order series changing the shape of the galaxy as Han and Leia’s Children Jacen, Jaina and Anakin Solo lead the next generation of Jedi against the monstrous Yuuzhan Vong, but has JJ followed that storyline, or made up his own? I don’t think it matters, but the rest of the Saga is in good hands, whatever happens.   The thing I’ve been enjoying is playing the first Star Wars Battlefront game on the ps2 again, so I may have to blog that at some point!


It was just such a thrill to see the original cast back together and hope there’s a part for Tiglet in Episode 8!!


Feel the funkyside of the Force!!





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