Ian’s 40 Things to Do When You’re 40- Another 70’s revival for the big Four-Zero!

13 Apr


In this Crazy Little Thing Called blogging, it has been a strange trip to Nutbush City Limits via a Hiking Wonderland and adding 70’s song titles into the post after MY 40th Birthday!

It wasn’t the Air That I Breathe, or being the Mr. Blue Sky that I am in my own Bohemian Rhapsodic way, but taking a long break from Tiglet’s misadventures to catch up on reviews, essays and pitching ideas has been okay, though I have had too many ideas recently and not enough time to pursue them, which just means I need to be better organised. I have even found a batch of Christmas and Birthday cards from 98 and 99, which seems like another era. Was that really 16 years ago? I can’t even remember being 24, what was I doing back then? Living in Liverpool, I think, trying to study and not getting much done. I did do a Kids Klub, dressing up as Darth Vader and falling over, trying to steal the World cup from Inspector Gadget (who I also played) Sooo, I’ve been on a heck of a Nostalgia trip, wondering what I’m doing, where am I and what am I gonna do next?


Well, I could go Hiking All Over The World and Sail the 7 Seas of Rhye, stretch my Tiger Feet, go One Step Beyond.  Not Let the Sun go down on me, Be a Good Old Fashioned Hiking Boy, one of the Rambling Champions of the World and keep on hiking ‘til the end!! That’s what happens when I’ve been listening to Queen’s Greatest Hits all week.




I could actually do something useful, like post the Les Mis review, as The Tiglet Show Puppet Les Mis Special is postponed until the summer. I do have an idea to do something special with Tiglet’s Time Travels and Pirateez! But we’ll have to see how that goes.

Anyway, no special nuggets of wisdom from the 40’s yet. Where did the 30’s go, that’s what I wanna know! But, a New decade in front and lots to do!  I am calling the next Year ’40 Things to Do When You’re 40!’Image

So let’s get started then!!


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