14 Feb

to do1

There have been a few things going on in 2013 that haven’t been shared on the blog. I might have given a few hints, but apart from Tiglet taking over everything, it’s all been a bit of an uphill struggle.

I almost forgot to do this, as I wasn’t doing a 12 Reviews of Christmas, as I did in 2011 and 2012 (see entries for details). A retrospective, Like the look back on 2012, ‘A Year in Perspective’ isn’t something I really want to do, I’ve even worked out one for 2014, but prefacing it with this makes sense, especially as both fit in with the Creative Evolution theme that I began in the early days of the blog way, way back in the dawny mists of time in 2010. This To Do list lark just keeps growing and never gets smaller, no matter how much I do!

Two words that could have summed up the past year were Misery and Confusion, which seems to have been the theme for the first four or five months. When the things that you think will bring you happiness and contentment, as well as clarity- why do I do this/that/the other? Actually make your life more miserable and confused, like the search for love, meaning, a place to belong, a home, then you know that something isn’t right.  It has also been a year of questioning, what do I really believe in, why put my faith and trust in people/organisations and institutions that always let me down and disappoint me time and time again? That is an entire essay in itself!

Creative Network1Thankfully, over the past several months things have begun to slowly turn around. And I found two words that make much more sense- Creative Revelations.

112 videos on Youtube, three blogs- this one, Tiglets Travelblog and Ian’s Travelblog Adventuress, the entire saga of Tiglet’s Time Travels and the herculean effort to keep it going to the very end, resulting in a 17, 000 word complete story have all given me something to focus on, beyond the insanity of family, the treadmill of work and other craziness to test the patience of the most virtuous Saint ever. (Probably St. Teresa of Avila)

I’ll never be a first class painter, scribbling rough drawings for story concepts has always been very frustrating, so turning to photography and picturetelling or photostorytelling has been a huge step forward, it began by accident in 2012 as I was experimenting with my Samsung camera, many photos shared on this site, Facebook and a few with Pinterest, though that fell by the wayside and needs to be expanded, someday I promise!

With the completion of Tiglet’s Time Travels, 32 adventures  in all, I have been able to figure out what’s next- The Tiglet Show, including a Puppet Les Mis, a band (so the search is on for musicians!) even more crazy adventures and lots of wholesome fun for all the family!

Creative Network 2 - CopySo, if 2013 was Creative Revelations, then what will 2014 be like? Stand by for Action, as the Thunderbirds used to say!




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    The 420th Blogpost looks back at the Creative explosion, and hints at things to come!


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