11 Jan

The final chapter of the Time Travel saga!!

Mr. Tiglet's Blog

There is no such thing as a happy ending. One Chapter ends, and then another book is started.


While Tiglet’s tale began in the 21st Century, it would be the 31st to SAM_4750be the end of the first Novel. Mrs Tiglet gave birth to Triplets, the girl-cubs Roaria and Zora, and the boy-cub Kahhn.

Tiggles, now known as Thornor joined them and they returned with him to Thondari Prime.


Tiglet pleaded with all of the Feline races to stand together as one, which all the other Beings in the galaxy echoed.


As he returned to Earth one final time, every Race voted to create a New Galactic Confederation, to be based on Thondaria, its First President- Talosian Tiberius Tigaanus- AKA- Mr. Tiglet.


As the Time windows were closed and sealed, the Z’Romians returned to their Timeline and the Family of Tiglet settled in their new home…

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