Tiglet’s Time Travels Series 5- EPISODE 2- The Story of the Timeship Klawhammer

10 Nov

The Enemy revealed!

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Captain Tanakus was alone upon the bridge of the Timeship Klawhammer, recording the ship’s Log.


Then Tiglet appeared.

‘Greeting Tiberius Talosian Tiglet, I am Captain Tanakus. I apologise for failing you and your Father.’

DSCF0379Tiglet looked at him. ‘What’s that supposed to mean?’ He enquired, then looked round. ‘So this must be the Klawhammer, how’d you get me over here, by Teleport or something?’

Tanakus purred in pride. ‘The Albino reconstructed this vessel into the most advanced Timeship ever, utilising Temporal Technology from the 61st Millennium. I have been monitoring the Armada, when the Factory hub was obliterated, I tracked you to the Eclipse.’

Tiglet was impressed.

‘So what else can this Timeship do?’ He asked. Tanakus grinned, eager to show off the ship’s capabilities. ‘The Albino reconfigured the Klawhammer into the most advanced vessel ever. This Timeship is one of…

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