Ian’s Travelblog- The Great Walls of Chester- ON VIDEO!

08 Oct

The River Dee from the Wall

Croeso, well, NOT quite!


I’ve been working in Chester for over three years, and in that time must have gone round the Walls nearly two dozen times. With photographing my escapades a few times in 2012, filming it this year took a bit longer, as at the time was working two part-time jobs, but keeping myself motivated was another job, good thing Tiglet came along and helped keep me sane!

The First section was the East side, from the River Dee, past the Cathedral and up to Phoenix Tower, which used to be called King’s Tower.


Then it was alongside the Northern section, but I encountered some building work, so missed out Morgans Mount and went to the water Tower Gardens instead!


Then I went back and tried to figure out why that part of the wall had been closed, well, renovations it looked like.

Not bad for an afternoon stroll, but I had to finish the walk round, which I did- in snow! But that tale will be told another time.

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