Ian’s Travelblog- Halton Castle

04 Oct

The Castle chronicles!

Ian's TravelBlog Adventures!

Halton Castle with Tiglet

I have been very fortunate to be able to film in several places in different conditions, mainly sun, rain or on cloudy days. Chester in the fog and snow I will show next week, but I made three short films at Halton Castle in the wind, sun and snow!


The Castle is a great vantage point, looking across the region and taking in many sights.  I already did a little history lesson on my main blog, (Feb 2012, I think) but here it is again for those who missed it-

The main period the Castle was in use for was in the Middle ages for the Barons of Halton, from the 11th– 14th Centuries.  The first regular Ferry across the Mersey was established at Runcorn Gap by the Sixth Baron, John Fitz-Richard in 1178

When Henry Bolingbroke became King Henry the Fourth, ownership passed to the…

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