Ian’s Travelblog Adventures 2- Pex Hill

03 Oct

The second blog, is actually the first video! Confused? yep, me too!

Ian's TravelBlog Adventures!

Pex Hill in the sunshne

Pex Hill is a good place for a ramble, to think and just go round in a circle round the base of the Hill, or into the quarry, or up by the motorway and back through Cronton village. It’s a place I have been to many times over the years.

After a horrible week, it was perfect to test the video recording capabilities of my old camera, as in 2012 I had taken so many pictures and had been round the Hill twice. So just to be different, I thought I’d film it instead, and it opened up a whole new world of possibilities!
Part 1-

Though when it came to editing, I found that Youtube only allows 15 minutes, otherwise you have to ‘upgrade’ so I had to split the Robin Part into its own video.

Part 2- The Robin Chaser!

I also returned there with Ignite and Tiglet…

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