01 Sep

The 100th Post on the storysite is the finale of series 4!! wooohoo!!

Mr. Tiglet's Blog


EP 6

For our every choice creates ripples throughout eternity, turning the tide, changing your destiny. From old unto New.”



Crown-Prince Darlon Vayl-Cahn of the Humaanian Monarchy was worried. After his speech on Thondari Prime, Tiglet should have teleported straight up to join them on the Battlefortress Eclipse. But he had failed to materialise, so where was he?

101_0044Something felt very wrong. Tiglet’s normal experience of traversing the corridors of Time was through a rainbow vortexy-swirl, the shakey, misty Twister he was in felt so different.


He felt woozy, seeing strange images that didn’t make any sense. Why did he think he was at The Nativity, and what was the Angel Gabriel doing chatting to him? That seemed so bizarre.

Then it seemed that he was with the Albino, who was in a very

dark and scary place. Tiglet felt his fur stand on end, giving him…

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