02 Aug

“Back to the start, my heart is heavy, feels like it’s time to dream again

I see the clouds and yes I’m ready to dance upon this barren land,

Hope in my hands.”

Delirious- Raindown

I’m going back to basics, back to the beginning, starting over.

Tiglet’s become a great sounding board for ideas and philosophical ramblings, you can tell from his June/July hikes I’ve been musing quite a lot about where I am on a spiritual/metaphysical level.  Everything I’ve been through over the last year has made me question my purpose/what I’m doing with my life, where I’m going, why I’m always feeling frustrated and discouraged. I’ve been sharing my Friend Laura’s blog and looking at my own health issues, as well as wandering what direction all this is taking.

As I’m now on the Official Countdown to my 40th Birthday and launching my Third Year Bloggerversary with Tiglet’s Time Travels series 4, this is another thread to give some perspective- Spirituality 101, taking everything from my own Spiritual journey over the past 25 years and letting God/the Universe into the bloggersphere and seeing what happens.

017Why now? After the variety of subjects/topics that I’ve written about I deliberately left anything churchy/religious out three years ago, it’s time to sort out my issues, get back onto the path and see where it goes.  Getting flooded out of my tent at Soul Survivor A last Saturday night doesn’t sound great , but it was something that I needed, the Fringe Team had done a great job in unsettling me and getting me ready, but sitting in the Dining Tent as the wind howled, lifting the tent flaps, shadows and shapes moving past on the roadside and the rain constantly tapping and hammering outside made me wish I’d have stayed at home, but quietly, ever-so subtly, God was doing something I never quite expected.

I’m getting ahead of myself there, as I’ll need to go way back in time to 1988 and Lake Coniston, where I almost drowned.

But that is a tale for another time.


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