Wayne the Were-sheep

07 Jun

Just when you thought it was safe to walk through a Sheepfold!

Mr. Tiglet's Blog


Farmer Wayne lived in secret shame.

For all his Sheep knew his name.

It was an ancient curse,

That had grown much worse.

Because on one night,

A Wolf had taken flight. It attacked the flock, but Wayne had given it a shock.


But things got worse, with the spread of the curse.

From Wolf to Lamb, then unwittingly to a Man.

From that night, Wayne began to change,

And grew a white, woolly Mane.


Now he was a Were-Sheep, going ‘meep, meep meep.’

He was in a right pickle and feeling very fickle, for there was no terror in this curse,

But there was a little mirth.

untitledFor who would believe, when the night was deep,

In the terrible curse of Wayne the Were-Sheep?



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