The Chocolate Killer- Unwrapped!

28 Apr

Mr. Tiglet's Blog

SAM_5542Several possible suspects stand out in the investigation into the possible triple homicide on the Chocolate Cluedo board.

The Bounties- a double suicide pact? For them both to be murdered is a bit implausible, unless one was already dead. Did one Bounty kill the other and then in a pique of remorse join it??

The Crème Egg- while the damage being self-inflicted is, again, implausible, who can say what mood the Egg was in?



The Fudge

The Kit Kat

The Dairy Milk

The Milky Way




The Fudge was in The Conservatory, which has a secret passage to the Lounge, where the Kit Kat was.  The KitKat claims it was depressed, wallowing in misery and having a lie down on a settee.  It heard a few odd sounds, but ignored them.

The Fudge claims to have been in the Conservatory all along, but it is…

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