17 Mar

Tiggles changes again- just what is going on?

Mr. Tiglet's Blog

It was raining and the wind was nipping at his whiskers as Mr. Tiglet took his family into Liverpool for a fab day out

There was so much to do, so many things to see-Albert Dock, Museums, the Ferry across the Mersey, Football Stadiums, Cathedrals, Parks, Universities, Shops, Beatles tours, even the Yellow Duckmarine!


Tiglet decided to kick the day off at Liverpool 1 and see where their paws would take them.  Even though Tiggles looked 7/8 ish, he was only a few months old, the aging thing that had happened at Spike Island had made him grow instantly and Doctors had no clue what had happened, but then he was the Firstborn of two Super-intelligent Felinoids, so anything was possible, and a total mystery.


Stood at the top of the steps, they took a moment amidst the hustle and bustle of people shopping and Tiglet felt some staring, but…

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