My Nephew broke my TV, the Making of Pirateez, adventures in Vlogging and other ramblings

16 Mar

I’ve started recording some of my hikes as Video blogs, or Vlogs, the fourth one, up at Halton Castle was a total disaster, as sound quality let me down completely, so I have had to go back and re-record it, which seems to have gone okay, but it’ll be Easter once I’ve figured out how to edit and sort out sound. I’m still thinking of an alternate platform, as this blog is running out of space and very cluttered, which is why I launched the Storysite with all Tiglet’s tales last month, which seems to be going okay.

I was going to go on about the Making of Pirateez; this story literally came out of nowhere and blew me out of the water, oo-argh!

Seriously, four days from initial idea to shooting the model sets, which took an entire Saturday to do. Even though I’d spent a week on Tig’s Time Travels 2, I wanted a Pirate story for Tiggle time- about a good Pirate, one who would give away gold and save puppies and stuff.  Getting what I needed meant rummaging through Nephew’s toyboxes again and setting up the bathroom as the main set.  I knew I wanted to take the crew on a big, life-changing adventure, dragged by their knees through storms and strange encounters, which they did in spades!

For me, it was a great storytelling exercise, developing an idea in a short space of time and completing it.  Again, as with Episode 5 of Tiglets Time Travels, Series 1- Zaurius Z’Roma (Oct 2012) the pictures came first and the words/dialogue second. I’ve really enjoyed the inspiration and freedom working that way gives, rather than storyboarding according to script and having to follow it slavishly, so it’s given me a more flexible way and with Tiglet’s Days out and Time Travels 3 shaping up into something epic for Easter (ish), where everything goes to hell in a handbasket for the entire Tiglet family, amidst a galactic-soap/space opera backdrop, and great themes, like trust and betrayal, hope, faith and somesuch.  It’s got a lot going on, but then I’ve already said, back in the Making of TTT2 that Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings/Babylon 5/The Matrix and other epics have influenced and inspired these stories. JKR’s use of Foreshadowing in particular led to me weaving a few plots/characters together in ways that’ll be resolved by the end of Series 5 in the Autumn, after Series 3 in Spring and 4 in the Summer.  I have even gone and shot part of the final episode and the Ultimate ending/Epilogue, though not decided to save it for another Christmas Special, I may decide I’ve had enough in September and leave it in.

By then my contribution to Season 39 of The Doctor Who Project- Story 8-The Children of Chaos will have been published on the TDWP Website.  I’ve been given a subplot by the Editors that is absolutely awesome, and one pivotal scene to move that storyline along, so I’m really, really glad they’ve given me the opportunity, it’s just a matter of getting it worked into the story in time for the end of May! I have written a first draft of the scene, so am pretty excited to see the Editor’s reaction to it.


My TV set has been in a sorry condition for a while, the only way for it to work was to actually plug it in, and then unplug to turn it off.  After my Nephew James forgot to do this, I came in to find an acrid smell and a small ’whump!’ turned it off completely, so I’ve had no TV for over a week, which has been good as it has given me more time to write/listen to music and begin creating sets/designs for TTT3, including painting Tiger toys black and work on spaceship designs.  I’ve got a big battle for climax of TTT4, so getting the Black Fleet ready, using bits and pieces, sticking them together and then painting them has become a nice little side-hobby, a bit of Blue-Petering with sticky-back plastic and little paint pots! The Saturday night Nerd Club, especially the Space Station project has made me think I could actually do it, so there’s a new challenge for the next month or so.


I’ve also been enjoying power-napping on the brand new comfy-buses, bongo-ing, forgotten to take my library books back (again) and had a few cakes from the excellent Red-Nose day cake sale at school. I haven’t mentioned the new Language/codes I’ve made up for Tiglet, nor the fact I’ve been involved with the Keystroke Killer project for a year, but I’ll save those two for another time.

So there’s a weeks’ worth of blogs all cobbled together. Someday I’ll get myself organised and conquer the Universe, that’s a promise. Maybe what I need to get for my birthday is a filing cabinet just to organise my notes, I’ll just live in hope for that one, maybe a vain hope, but I’m used to that.

And to top it all off, I’ve been chasing sunsets again and gotten a few goodies!




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