10 Mar

You know when you get your expectations up way too high, try and shoot beyond the stratosphere, then suddenly hit a brick wall and plummet straight back down again?  Been there, done that, designed, sewn, marketed, sold and franchised the entire global T-Shirt factory industry with that one.

I said in A Terminal case of boredom that sometimes you need a different perspective in order to see things more clearly.  My friend Laura’s blog has also got me thinking again.  Her challenge the other week was to think of self-help books that may have actually helped.  I have a few candidates, but once again the universe has conspired against me, once again Mother’s Day and the run up to it has been a trip to fedupville, depressiontown and crappolia Alpha.  Family again, but who’s got a family that doesn’t do their head in? (If yours doesn’t then get in touch so we can do a swop!)

Going through Speech Therapy file, I’ve rediscovered a lot of methods of coping- from Visualisation and breathing/meditation techniques to Reflective Listening, Self-coaching, self-calming and even power-napping!  Makes me sound a bit like Yoda- “Hmm, powernap, shall you, hmm?”!

The fact is, it’s just another day, why should I let it get me down? I do have a Pirate story to finish off, including a shanty, made up of the verses from each episode, my first sea shanty, who’d have thunk it eh?!!

And, following on from previous Mother’s Day blogs- Looking to the Future (2011) and When Life gets in the way of what you really want to do (2012) I have made some progress on my Mum’s Books, having revised and submitted the Radio Play version of Northern Conspiracy to the BBC and prepping two novels for submitting to two potential publishers.  And, I may even see which one of her short stories is most suitable to post on Tiglet’s Story page, maybe Tabby’s Tale; I’ll have to see about that.

Even now, having revised what originally began as a rant, I’ve perked up, even letting my Nephew’s take a few essential props for Tiglet’s Time Travels 3, which I have begun shooting, it’s going to be one tough time for Tig and co, but you’ll have to wait until Easter for that!


As for me, I’ve just watched and reblogged a truly awesome video from the Texas Triffid Ranch blog and been inspired, so with the sun peeking out, I guess I am finally getting myself sorted, though you could say life’s a work in progress, so there’s still issues to sort through, but, for now, it’s turning into a better day than I thought it would be.

So, happy Mother’s Day and get ready for one last voyage aboard the good ship the Jollyjammiedodgerroger, it’s going to be an Adventure matey!  OO-ARRGH!


Dedicated to the memory of Jean Mercer 1950-2003


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