14 Feb

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Here’s something to give you a fright,

Mr Tiglet’s reading at a Poetry night.

Rather than staying home and doing the dishes,

He’s sharing a Valentine poem he wrote for his Mrs.

Mrs Tiglet is looking after their new-born Cub,

While he’s telling everyone how they met who’s listening in the pub.

Down in the savannah somewhere in the Serengetti,

A lonely Tiglet wandered, eating spaghetti.

Then he saw her, crouched over an Antelope,

And his heart exploded in a rush of love and hope.

Not the ideal first date, he’d have preferred Pasta,

So offered to cook Italian, as his heart raced faster.

This enchanted moment seemed to go on Forever,

as they both discovered that they were both clever.

Raised above the herd, they were super-evolved Cat People,

So they soon got married in a Church with a Steeple.

Giving up meat Tabby joined in the chorus,


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