09 Feb

The Pirates are coming!

Mr. Tiglet's Blog

~WRD0001Well, I’m in too deep to ever get out of this one!  Even more surprises came my way when both planning and executing this round of stories.   Ever since the Zootales poem became the most popular post on my blog, I knew I had to do something to promote and carry Tiglet’s adventures forward, even though at the time I felt like giving it up.  Just shows the difference a day or two can make.

Continuing the Time Travel storyline from the summer, even though it is now winter had to tie in with current events, so even though the Christmas Special was at the end of 2012, Series 2 and part of 3 is still from last year.  Confused?  Yep, I was until I worked out the chronology, don’t worry about it, by Easter everything will be clear as mud! Well, mud that’s been wiped off the windscreen anyway. …

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