06 Feb

At last- The Finale is here!

Mr. Tiglet's Blog

Episode 6

SAM_4490 Mrs Tiglet was down and in the dumps, feeling abandoned. What if she never saw Tiberius Tiglet ever again? This time period was too primitive; one night had been too stressful for her, what with her delicate condition.  An object suddenly appeared on the floor, it looked like part of the Generator, like Tiglet’s Timewatch. Oh joy!


She placed it around her paw and felt the effects of Time Travel.  She was going home!


Graadalf the Wise had led a long and varied life.  Once a young Captain in the Thundrian Space Navy, the long war with the Imperium and Occupation had taught him the value of patience. The Albino had reinforced those teachings.  While some of his people saw him as a Collaborator, most accepted his authority, both as a former General and as a mediator. It was a fine line that his old paws trod, and this was…

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