02 Feb

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Mr. Tiglet's Blog

Episode 1


The Story so Far- Mr. Tiberius Tiglet built a Time Machine in his spare room, like a Timewatch and was caught up in a swirly-vortexy Temporal stream, taking him to faraway places and other times.  His first landing was on a Slaveship in the middle of the Slave Trade period, getting off in Liverpool.

He arrived at Space Station Aarbran in the Future, just near to the Magellanic Clouds, which had been infested by Giant, glow-in-the-dark-Spiders from beyond the Milky Way.

Materialising on a U-Boat in the Battle of the Atlantic, his Timewatch was damaged and sent him hurtling far, far into the future than ever before, into a galaxy far away where several nations of Dinosaurian-like people met him and were inspired to unite into one nation and explore the stars.

Mrs.Tiglet also got into an adventure, joining her husband in the Middle…

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