26 Jan

Know your limitations, that’s what I should have kept in mind last weekend.  My experience of getting caught in the dark, hiking along a disused Rail line on the Wirral in December was a lesson in making sure there was adequate planning and preparation, but all that went flying south for the winter when I gleefully spied Snow last Friday.

After feeding the Chickens, I went for an amble round Chester Walls (again) and even after realising my boots were leaking didn’t give up, so went home in sodden boots (well, right foot was much worse than the left foot.)

SAM_4395Then Saturday had to shuffle round town in an old pair of trainers to go the bank and a Bootquest.  Got a good pair, which needed breaking in so thought I’d do that in Liverpool on Sunday.  It was a plan, though not in the same category as an A-Team plan, I’m afraid to say. (“I love it when a plan comes together.”   “Watch what you’re doing fool!”- Hannibal and BA at their best!) Sefton Park to see the Lake iced over, then Otterspool Prom, then back on the next bus into town and round Albert Dock and L1.  Should I have stayed on the first bus though??  Even feeling a bit of a cold Monday Morning I still went and got a few pictures, though by then it was too late anyway, the infection had already begun and got worse as the day progressed.  Monday night was sheer Hell.  The first sleepless night, coughing, moaning, needing the toilet every half hour, it set the stage for next few nights, each with added bouts of dizziness, feeling feverish, low, depressed, lethargic, sneezing blood, even shaking and shivering at the same time at one point, which got me really worried and off to see the Doctor.  All I got from the Doctor was another analgesic, just something to help sleep, which worked once, for a couple of hours on Thursday night.  Friday was a bit better once I had some Blue Cheese, my own attempt at finding a solution- a natural antibiotic, and I’ve felt better today, still spewing up mucus, coughing my guts up every ten minutes, nose still running like a river of… well, you really don’t need me to paint you a picture do you?

So my Health’s taken a beating recently, forcing me to postpone Tiglets Time Travels 2 and a few other things I’ve been meaning to do.  The biggest Health Issue I’ve had before this was the six years I spent in Speech Therapy, which I don’t think I have mentioned  Laryngeal Dysphonia was the name, I think.  I certainly don’t want nor need to fall back into that, I guess coughing so much has made that fear resurface.

A Hike too far perhaps?

A Hike too far perhaps?

I’ve also re-watched A Bridge Too Far, a dramatic adaptation of the events of OPERATION MARKET GARDEN, a plan to capture all the Bridges in Holland and over to Germany, which could have ended the Second World War by Christmas 1944.  It was a massive operation, with so many x-factors.  The Main Characters each select a ‘bit’ of the plan to blame for where it went wrong when really it was a combination of those things.  Looking back last weekend, I can’t say for sure what happened, inadequate preparation or clothing, giving up earlier, staying on a bus, not jumping in where Angels fear to tread or just a combination of factors.  I just know I went a Hike too Far and suffered because of it.

So what next?  I’m still keeping the Wolf company, but sleep has happened occasionally, my Blue Cheese manoeuvre has perked me up a bit, so guess I’ll have to stock up for the week. I’ve got a great short story to share tomorrow which will kick a few things off, but I guess the hiking may have to be curtailed, at least until I’ve a better plan in place than just ‘gung-ho into the snow!’  But the rain seems to be solving that problem as I speak, well, type anyway!


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