Winterwalks- I’m Dreaming of a White January, hang on, I’ve changed my mind- it’s too cold and my boots are wet!

20 Jan

School got closed on Friday due to Snow, so I walked round Chester Walls again, for the third time in two weeks and yet another perspective- this time all white and cold.

The Start...

The Start…

The last time was in the fog, then briefly in better weather, so I’ve been catching a couple of extremes.  Which I have not done since last year’s Welsh Adventure over New year 2011/2012, where it rained as I got lost in Cynwyd forest, daft Rabbit.  So I was (overly, to be honest) keen to get on the Wall and whizz round for some Snow pictures.  The last time there was snow, it actually was a bit slushy and finished off my old boots, which is how I got my present pair (That may have been mentioned in Great Big Chester Adventure 2011, but I’ll have to check that.)


I began at the Cathedral and followed the usual route round past Tower Gardens


The King’s Tower and the Shropshire Union Canal.


Got to Water Tower Gardens, which was incredible.

Then the sun shone briefly and ever-so faintly over the Racecourse


I crossed the River to get a perspective from Queens Park over to the Wall, very nice.




A self-portrait, with a bit of snow!

A self-portrait, with a bit of snow!

Then I crossed back over the Footbridge and got an excellent self-portrait of myself! I love the way streaks of snow are visible falling as I took the shot.

The Roman garden, snowed under

The Roman garden, snowed under


Then it was back to the wall and a view of the Roman Gardens.  Just think, they’ve had roughly two thousand years of snow fall on them, boggles the mind doesn’t it?  Well, mine it does, maybe I’m just easily boggled.



Then it was back to the Cathedral for one last picture.  An almost excellent day, pity my boots were ruined, but then it gave me an excuse to get some new ones for a New Year of hikes.

And the Finish!

And the Finish!



And don’t forget, it is Z MINUS-7 DAYS UNTIL T-DAY!


What’s T-Day? Tune in on Sunday 27th January 2013 to find out!



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