Tiglets Time Travels Season 2- Character Biographies

15 Jan

Part 1

Brother Caifael-

IMG_7727 (Copy)

Mystical Monk of the Order of Homerus Simpsius in Medieval Chester.

His Prophetic anointing will galvanise Tiglet to prepare for the Coming Storm.



The Black Cat in the Black Hat (who won’t sit on a Mat)-

Agent Skuur of The Imperium Intelligence and Inquisition Division (TIIID)


The Most ferocious Agent of The Inquisition, and Tiglet’s new Nemesis.  Cold, Calculating and deadly. As Second to Director Skraa, he oversees Imperial edicts with ruthless cunning. Nothing short of a Miracle would be able to stand in his way.


But then Miracles happen when you least expect them.


Here’s something a bit random to throw out into the Blogosphere- New Characters for the upcoming Second Series of Tiglet’s Time Travels, which has almost finished shooting.

I’ll be introducing some significant additions to the Tigverse, as this is where Everything Changes.

Tiglet’s Time Travels- Series 2: Storm Warning




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