Top Ten Travels of 2012- Wales and The U-Boat Story

14 Jan

TEN- Journey home from Corwen (The Great Big Welsh Christmas Adventure- January 2012)


Here’s a last-second entry, not even considered when I looked through my photo albums, shocking really- Bad Dobby!   I spent so much time in Sefton Park when I lived and studied in Liverpool that I’ve always wanted to get back and get some good pictures.  An interview gave me that chance, but it was a double-edged sword as I felt it didn’t go so well, but when I saw the image of Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, I went back to the album and knew this had to be included, Sefton Park is easy to get to anyway, so I’ll do a full circuit for another Nostalgia trip at some point.

Monday the 2nd of January 2012 was the first day of glorious sunshine, perfect for driving home in, past Llangollen and Trevor (nice name, wonder if there’s a Welsh village called ‘Ian’ though?)

Stopped at the Aqueduct, which has great views along the Vale of Llangollen.

I even tried taking photos from the car, getting a great shot of Llangollen train station, but a few blurred ones, including one of Dinas Bran Castle, obscured by a tree!

The Welsh Adventures got last Year off to a great start and set the tone for much of the Hiking I did, so glad I caught it in time to include here.


NINE- The U-Boat Story/Birkenhead/ Birkenhead Priory (November 2012)

Three things in one day is a very good day indeed.  A few entries are going to be like that.  A day spent on the Sunny Wirral exploring a cut up U-Boat and old Priory remains may not sound spectacular, but I love History and it had been on my to-visit list for a while.

I also used the U-Boat as a setting for one of Tiglet’s Time Travels, with the Priory getting a scene or two in for the second series.

Birkenhead Hamilton Square rounded off a very enjoyable day. It was this that inspired my series of Walks around the Wirral that I have still not completed!


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4 responses to “Top Ten Travels of 2012- Wales and The U-Boat Story

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