Foggy Days in a Wintery Daze- Chester Walls as never seen before Part 2

13 Jan

SAM_3823After the disastrous half-baked attempt the day before, I was very surprised to see no fog whatsoever on Friday morning, so thought I’d try another hair-brained scheme- walking along the route to my old School and follow country roads and back lanes past the Zoo, well that plan went for a sky-dive soon enough, once the fog returned.

It seemed heavier as I got lost round the backstreets of Chester and then back up the main road, heading for Basecamp and a change before going on my expedition.

SAM_3836It was at the Roundabout for the Zoo that I realised two things. A- I’d forgotten my OS Map, and B- Wandering round back lanes in the fog wouldn’t be very Healthy, nor clever- about a 12 up to Infinity on the Homer scale, so had to ditch the plan and think of an alternative.  This was easy once I noticed a slight brightness on the edge of the haze, maybe the Sun was peeking through and the one place to catch that would be finishing what I’d started and get back on the wall, so caught the first bus into town to do just that, heading in the opposite direction from where I’d began on Northgate Street- down past Rufus Court, the Cathedral and over Eastgate.


Needing a break, I stopped at the Wesleyan Centre Café for a coffee before continuing.  The Roman ruins brought the very first pinprick of light, so feeling very pleased with myself, I got ready to rumble.



The stillness of the River was very eerie. The normal flow over the weir had stopped, the tide locked, even the traffic seemed subdued, it was so quiet. Even though the Sun mad a few more attempts to shine, my time limit was almost up.  I’d given myself two hours, but once the original plan did a bungee, I just had to have a quick march to get what I could.

The irony was that as I walked through town, the sun gradually came out again, so I did manage to get a shot, SAM_3909at the Bridge in Newton where I’ve gotten quite a few before.  Oh the irony!

SO, what’s the moral of the story? Be prepared for anything, a couple of nice surprises and a very different perspective on a walk I’ve done before, so not bad at all.


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