Foggy Days in a Wintery Haze- Chester Walls as never seen before Part 1

12 Jan

SAM_3809Well, it is not often that you begin a walk, give up and then return a day later to complete it, but that happened to me this week.

Thursday Morning, on another Sunrise chase, I thought that the best place to get that from would be Chester Walls overlooking the River Dee.  Twice I have photographed the River and been round the Walls, both on very sunny days, once in April, then again in December.

It was a strange day indeed.  Wednesday morning had seen a foggy start with the mist clearing and sun shiningSAM_3810 before I arrived in Chester, (see Going Potty and Chasing Sunsets Wednesday 9th Jan 2013.).  Thinking the same would happen Thursday, I set off early, getting in and joining the Wall at Northgate Street.  I followed the route along the Shropshire Union Canal, past Morgan’s Mount, over the Inner Ring Road and to the Water Tower.

That was eerie, seeing the Gardens misted over.


as was the Racecourse.  I even looked over the Grosvenor Bridge at the River Dee, which was calm, a blanket SAM_3815of mist covering that too.  So I gave up.

Yep, you heard me right, I dropped the ball, gave up the ghost, let go of the bone, threw in the towel and called it a day. I gave up.

The fog never lifted, until it had gone dark again, so no sunrise or set, no light, just a very depressing walk, or so I thought.

Then Friday began the same, but I took it as a challenge, bit into the bone again, gave the ghost the heebijeebies, started juggling and grabbed a brand new towel for another adventure, but more on that tomorrow!


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