The New Adventures in Commuting- Going Potty and Chasing Sunsets

09 Jan

SAM_3774Don’t you just love it when you’ve had a crazy day, where you thought it would be all doom and gloom but turned into sunshine and roses?
Going out into the thick, murky fog this morning, it was like The Dementors from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban could be felt lurking at the back of my imagination, good job it was just there though.

The fog lifted as I passed Helsby Hill, brightness arose, unfurling like a banner, shining rays of light streaked through the sky as the full majesty of the Sun suddenly shone forth- Glorious!








Then I went Snap crazy- Dunham on the Hill,


Mickle Trafford,SAM_3791SAM_3784





And finally Newton.


Then I did manage to get a great Sunset, so as soon as I got home, I skimmed though Prisoner of Askaban. The Dementor analogy fitted, but I also couldn’t help think that like Harry had been wrong about Sirius Black, how wrong I was to just assume that the day would be bad just because it was a bit misty, crazy!

I even managed to get the running order sorted out for The Top Ten Travels of 2012, to be posted 14th-18th January 2013, two per day. I’m even going to see if Tiglet can be persuaded to share his hilarious outtakes from last year, as well as chasing more Sunsets.




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