The kind of day it has been

06 Jan

SAM_3643Oh, I know I should write about something, but I’m tired, got School in the morning and have had one heck of a long, long day.

I started off thinking about previewing Star Trek Into Darkness, but saw the sun shine and decided to go Hoylake Beach!  As if that would last- it didn’t.  Got into Liverpool and clouds began passing over, but I went over the Mersey and to the Wirral anyway.

Got to West Kirby and yep, you guessed it, clouded over, so much for an afternoon at the Beach, but I made theSAM_3676 best of it, walking round the Marine Lake- which is amazing anyway and up the Promenade waiting to see if the sun broke through for a brilliant sunset.


Got some great pics of Hilbre Island and saw lots of people over there, but that would be an adventure in itself,


so went off back to Liverpool and got some night pictures.SAM_3758

Including the last Christmas Tree still standing!

What a day, then looking through all the photo albums I’ve decided to do a Top Ten Hikes/Walks/Destinations- there’s another headache right there!



SAM_3746See what I can do over the next week or so,SAM_3715



in the meantime, here’s a few pics of my day!



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