The NEW Adventures in Commuting- It’s the funniest thing…EVER!

04 Jan

Term hasn’t started yet and I’ve already got an excellent tale from the Busway to share…


The inspiration for this one was watching the very last episode of Friends yesterday. Monica and Chandler get twins, Rachel leaves for Paris and Ross, madly in love, gets a lift off Phoebe and chases her to the Airport.  To stall her from leaving, Phoebe calls and says that she has a ‘feeling’ that there is something wrong with the Plane, something wrong with the left Philangy.  When Rachel shares this with another passenger, he totally flips out, causing panic and a mass exodus, very, very amusing.  When I first saw this episode at a Youth Group meeting, I laughed so hard my sides hurt.  It isn’t so much Phoebe’s nonsense as the Guy’s reaction-and subsequent overreaction to the ‘vague feeling’ that makes it one of the funniest things I have ever seen. (NB- Look it up on Youtube, even after all this time, it still cracks me up like an Eggtrain wreck.)

It got me into thinking how would you be able to know what the Funniest thing ever was….. Then today happened.

I can be a bit haphazard, juggling so many things that a ball has to be dropped eventually (See ‘She’s all That’ for an excellent illustration of that point!)  I don’t have very deep pockets on my coat either.  I already lost one glove over a year and a half ago on the playground, one got put into Lost property, but is looking ever-so forlorn without its soulmate (well, Glovemate!)

SAM_3622Then a shopping trip to Asda saw me lose one of my current gloves, (pictured).  I went back and some kind soul had picked it up and put it to one side.

This morning my Hat fell out of my pocket and I had to retrace my steps and found it again.  Then tonight, I got off one bus, the connection failed to stop, which got me fuming, so I went off in a huff to complain, putting my gloves on, only to find one had fallen out of my pocket again.  So I retraced my steps, nothing.  So I knew there were only two other possibilities, I’d lost it in Chester, or left it on the bus.  Since I was going to the Depot anyway, I thought I’d ask.

Well, since the Last day of term had been such an Adventure, you think I’d have learned that anything can happen when you’re travelling from A to E every day. (See ‘Thank God for Arriva’ 21st December 2012.)  My Self-Righteous indignation kind of evaporated once in the Office and I explained my predicament, strange as it may have sounded to the Duty Manager.  I thought the chances would be slim, but they checked and my gloves were reunited!  I know it sounds like a funny accident, but if I had have gotten onto the second bus, I’d have still gone back to the depot in the morning, but it all worked out okay in the end.

Was it so funny though?  I got home late, but wrote this following on from Friends, I mean, stuff gets lost and misplaced every day, so what’s so special about one glove?  I guess I was flabbergasted to be able to get it back so easily, it wasn’t THE funniest thing ever that’s happened in all my Commuting, getting locked in the school toilets for an agonising and panic-stricken 15-20 minutes after new doors and locks had been put in  was pretty funny, in hindsight of course!  Some of Tiglet’s exploits have raised the bar on hilarious and insane up several notches to near-Olympian levels.  Then there was the time in Norway I went hiking, decided to do a bit of impromptu-rock climbing with a big bag over my shoulder and then half way up the bag slipped down to my elbow, weakening my grip, so I had to lose the bag, watching it tumble and split, ending my little hike rather abruptly.  Yes I get a bit silly sometimes and do silly things, who hasn’t?

One of the funniest things that I have ever seen was in the ‘Gourmet Night’ episode of Fawlty Towers where Basil has been having car trouble and needs to get a Duck course back to the hotel.  His car breaks down and he completely loses his rag with it, telling it to pull itself together or it’ll get a ‘damn good thrashing’.  He runs off, then a minute later whacks the bonnet of the car with a branch! Now that has to be one of the funniest things ever, but I’ll probably come up with something else that may compete for the title next week!



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