Ian’s Travelblog- Just a stroll through the park on New Years Day

01 Jan


The First album played on New Year’s Day- Coldplay- X+Y, what a classic.  Then a bit of Website planning- still in motion on that front, no big hikes until Thursday planned, so went for a nice afternoon stroll.

Still after the Perfect Sunshine moment, I did nothing ambitious, just up round the Playing Fields, up Prescot Lane, along the Rail Line and once round Victoria Park.

Clouds rolling past and a chill wind presented few opportunities, but one of the lessons learned from last year SAM_3598was that you never, ever know when that Perfect Picture moment might come; you just have to have a little patience and be ready.  Sometimes it can catch you by surprise, as long as you plan to be ready for it.  Sometimes though it just takes a little luck as well as skill, I think I had plenty of luck in 2012, but now I need to apply skill to capturing those Moments.


I even caught a nice shot walking down Highfield Road.

SAM_3570Then I caught the first Sunset of 2013 from my Dad’s Room, (Last Picture at bottom of page) which is a nice contrast to the last sunset I managed to get on Saturday 29th December 2012 (This one on the left), just a few days apart, very nice indeed.

So not a bad day and I’m off on a New Quest- The Sunset Chaser 2013!




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