Another 12 Reviews of Christmas- 11- 2012- A Year in Perspective

30 Dec

SAM_0402Here’s something different to end Another 12 Reviews of Christmas with, looking SAM_2618back and putting things in perspective, looking at the Greatest Hits and biggest Lemons of the year.

It has been quite varied, beginning with a Retreat in Wales where I got a Samsung camera and began snapping away, not stopping since and getting over a whopping 3000 pictures in a year!

It really was the year of Hiking, short walks and longer escapades.  Ian’sTravelblog became a regular feature, getting Epic over the Summer- The Great Big Merseywalk being the most challenging, surviving the hell-on-Earth that was Speke Beach nearly broke me, but I persevered and conquered it!  Then the following week I SAM_3468walked up the Bridgewater Canal to Manchester- another long walk!  A Crazy, hazy Summer, either walking/working or watching the Olympics, is it any wonder I never got much written or submitted?  Followed by the crazy-making September Blogathon I went a bit potty and stressed out, but I figured out the root cause which I’ll share in a bit.

I think there have been six or maybe seven events that have contributed to the Manic Mercer Moments, usually on Mondays following the Bangles and walking like an Egyptian(yeah, really?)  Now I know I usually give a Positive spin on things, but I suppose every silver lining has a dark cloud hanging round and I figured out the reason things went kookaburohummadinga was because at the end of July I hit an Iceberg in the shape of my Ex-Girlfriend, a complete broadsided, emotional curveball not seen since the second breakup, the third was actually quite a relief. Anyway, she apologised, and what could I say? I said sorry too, flummoxed and bamboozled, a lower point than Speke Beach even, so I’m saying there’s the root cause of the Summer, trying to resolve all the conflicting feelings and emotional turbulence of that Nuclear-blast-from-the-past.  Fallout is a 😦

SAM_0873Anyway, back to the high points- what better surprise could there be Than MR. Tiglet’s Travels?  He’ll be closing the year in his own inimitable style tomorrow, but how could anyone foresee a rejected story about a wandering Teddy Bear become something so funny and, yes, dammit, just admit it- cute!

And maybe, just maybe the best is yet to come.

Two work-related curveballs were a second Mid-day job, which I thought would be easier and was anything but, and completing NVQ Level 2 in Playwork, a long, hard slog that I managed to do, just!

069A completely MADCAP and amazing journey was getting involved with The Keystroke Killer Project and joining the community on Facebook, even submitting a couple of dozen of ideas for stories, should the Pilot get commissioned as a Series (yes please!)  What a wild ride, watching Audition videos for the characters, tempted to record Tig auditioning, getting requests for Acting advice (Ha, thank you Julie Wions!) Hannah Bickham’s Jibjab video ‘Jowls’ with Yours Truly in the Lead Role!  Clone Jack, Jen the Like Queen, Tim’s escapades. The Skype Party!  Challa chilling supreme as Judas as well as Dr, Mel’s blog and tips on Acting/Writing all gave me the bug, though I’ve done nothing yet, that’ll change in the New Year, especially being signed up to LACA NOLA, with Tiglet sending his Resume soon!  What a lovely bunch they are and I really, really hope I get the chance to get out to Hollywood South, get a cruise on the Mighty Mississippi and join in the fun live one day.  Maybe even take Tig with me!

IMG_1601What else is left? I’ve been chasing Sunrises/Sunsets, might have the perfect pic for Monday 31st, I’ll see what the last sunset of 2012 brings.  Of course I’ve been disappointed, missed opportunities, things I’d said, or things I never said I wished I had when the time seemed right, unrequited love, unresolved issues- wish I’d never gotten a Credit Card! A few regrets, but only a few, it’s been a great year. Some significant achievements, but that was last year, a New one lies ahead, new Opportunities, a fresh start.  Welcome 2013, I’m looking forward to getting to know you.

Tiglet’s got his own fun little review of his first year of adventures, but that’s it from me for now, so Happy New Year to all of you, May 2013 be A Spectacular Year!!!

Ian Cai Mercer 9.05 PM Sunday 30th December 2012 🙂



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