Another 12 Reviews of Christmas- 7- The Doctor Who Project- The Snow Maiden

27 Dec

snowmaidenNot to be confused with the TV Christmas Special with Evil-looking Snowmen.

This is something different, yet just as exciting as the mainstream series.

When Professor Ruby Tranter is sacked from her job at the Research Institute in the 25th Century for ‘unethical research’, she becomes depressed, but only long enough to think of a way to carry on her research at home.  Watching children and Youth Gangs outside, she knows how to solve her problem.

When it snows in the TARDIS, The Alternate Tenth Doctor and his companions Tom and Val investigate  He tells them that the snow is dangerous, but Val wants to warn people, who wouldn’t listen, so she agrees that the best way to deal with the problem is to go to the source, which is Ruby’s flat.

When two Reporters get taken over and killed, then the stakes rise, as it is almost Christmas Morning, with Snowmen moving into position in front of doors, eagerly waiting for Children to run out and play.

(NB- I know I’m posting this after the TV Episode, a play on the classic TV Snowman((See Review)), but these are completely different types of Snow-monster!)

Desperate to stop this madness, The Doctor rushes in as Children are engulfed.  Tom and Val help as the snow melts, with a little Christmas Miracle waiting in the TARDIS

Following the excellent Season 38, The Doctor Who Project’s Alternate Tenth Doctor, Tom and Val have another great adventure.

Available as free-to-download PDF’s, TDWP has been going a long time and just keeps on getting better.  I have to wonder though if my own Christmas story would have been just as good, had I completed and submitted it in September?  Ah well, no point crying over spilt snowcones, though it’ll be February before that sees the light of day.  Hmm, I’d better get my ice-skates on and get it finished hadn’t I?





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