Adventures in Commuting- Thank God for Arriva!!!

21 Dec

arriva busTonight I had a Revelation, a Lightning bolt from Heaven that totally dropkicked me into an Alternate Reality and back.

I have spent the last two and a half years commuting from Widnes to Chester and back again on the ARRIVA company buses, though with two or three other bus Companies and occasional train journeys to spice things up a bit.

I’m sure I’ve made a moan somewhere before on this blog about delays, roadwork’s, jam-packed days where everyone’s squished in like goggle-eyed Sardines on a day trip to Tinville, but one thing that I have never, ever done is actually acknowledge and given a heartfelt appreciation to the hardworking drivers who ferry me all over the place, even for hiking too.  Now that has to be the biggest oversight of the year.  Practically ALL of the photos I have taken have been because I’ve been able to use the Arriva Network to get everywhere I’ve managed to hike

SAM_3375So, what happened was I was heavy laden with five, yes, 5 bags of food, cards and gifts from kids/Parents/Staff from School and wondering how I’d cope hitchhiking up the M56, when TA-DAAA!! In comes the Bus to ferry me home. Keeping an eye on said bags to avoid a spillage-in-the-village kept my attention for the first leg, and then waited for another bus to get me the rest of the way from A to E.

This bus stopped in the Depot where we waited ages for the Driver, another one got on who said the previous one was 40 minutes late, so needed a break, so HE had been asked to do the Journey, even though He’s just clocked off to go home.  What a hero!  So I thought about it and did something totally unexpected, I went through the bags and gave him a packet of biscuits for his trouble and to share with the rest of the staff!!!  Of course I didn’t think half a dozen yogurts or a piece of French Bread would go down the same way, but I had to show some appreciation, and I think my spontaneous act went down well, he said he would have a few with his tea when he got back!

SAM_3351So there’s my final commuter tale for the year, along with a pic of a Sunrise from the Busway, just to inspire you this Christmastime!!!  I even felt a poem stirring, but nothing concrete yet!

I suppose it is a BIG lesson in never taking anything for granted as you never know when the world might end! (And that’s the ONLY reference to that nonsense you’ll find on this blog!) And so I have to say, at the end of a long, fruitful and productive year, Thank God for Arriva!!!!


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