Another 12 Reviews of Christmas- 4- Outnumbered Christmas Special 2009- DVD

17 Dec

imagesCAEYNSDB It is quite pleasant when you see something and not only does it resonate so well, it is actually so enjoyable.

I was instantly hooked and watched the entire six episodes of the First Series in one night, but the 2009 Xmas Special itself was highly enjoyable.  It is the story of the Brockman family, two exasperated Parents forever outwitted and bemused by their kids’ antics.  It’s as crazy as the IT Crowd, as Funny as Sarah Millican or Eddie Izzard, as absurd as Fawlty Towers; it’s like a live-action version of the Simpsons, but British.  An ordinary family, but done with the kids taking the lead and whizzing round in circles ‘til your head spins off.

It’s the usual chaos in the Brockman household as they have to prepare a family meal for Boxing Day while tidying up after a burglary.  Jake, Ben and Karen are in top form, winding Pete and Sue up, with Ben losing a Dinosaur behind a radiator and Karen making up New Year’s Resolutions for them all.

While Jake and Sue go off on a Granddad hunt after he’s escaped the Care Home, Pete and the other two entertain Sue’s neurotic friend Jane before they return with another escapee called Mac in tow.

It is great fun watching Karen struggle to understand Mac’s Scottish accent and the charades and sing-along are quite good too.  Ben isn’t Bart Simpson, but he does get the funniest scenes.

It’s well worth checking out, along with the fourth series, which I’ve not seen yet but looking forward to.



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