ON A NOSTALGIA TRIP- Highlights of 2012, crazy ideas and other Hair-brained schemes

16 Dec

I had absolutely no idea when I began this blog back in August 2010 what I was going to do.  You can tell that from the few posts I did make over the first six months or so.  Searching for things to write about, I see I am better organised and tend to plan ahead now, but still flexible on occasion.  I’ve been reading through and having an occasional chuckle at some of the things I’ve written- not quite the Sunday Afternoon activity I planned, but it was nice.  I am even less than ten away from 250 Posts!

I guess a Job Interview I went to didn’t help, as soon as they said it was fewer hours than advertised; I knew I didn’t want to do it.  Got an introspective walk around the park to help clear my head and give me the next mad idea for Tiglet though.

I have been on a Nostalgia trip lately- the 60’/70’s and 80’s themed posts testify to that, but I do need to knock the nostalgia on the head and start planning for next year.  But how to top everything I have achieved this year, which has been a spectacular year- the Summer especially.  I will have to share some of my personal highlights, just put them on the TO DO list. Yeah, along with the films I’d like to see-Rise of the Guardians/Nativity2/Alex Cross/Jack Reacher/The Hobbit and Life of Pi, though it’ll probably only be The Hobbit, I’m watching Lord of the Rings for inspiration!

And then, I’ll be able to tell you all about the next hair-brained scheme and what you can do to help!



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