Zootales 2- A Human perspective by Mr. Mercer

07 Dec

SAM_2483Ian Mercer went to the Zoo in Chester,

On a November day, so this has had time to fester.

Trying to see the Jaguars, oh boy was that a quester,

Enjoyed all the other sights, though the Dinosaurs were bester!


The Lion and Lioness had a bit of a barny,SAM_2450

Ian and Ben just sat and eat a sarnie.

Walked up to see the Bats, because it wasn’t far-ny,

Even though the weather was a bit balmy.


Getting around the Aviary, seeing all the birds,  SAM_2407

Then the grace of the Cheetahs left him lost for words.


     Hyenas were asleep, and they didn’t see any bears.








The Penguins were having a dip, without any cares!






Just goes to show that I Get Around just as much as Tiglet!!!



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